The Shoes on the Other Foot

I love shoes!...what woman doesn't? Shoe stores are like candy stores for many shoes, so many colours, so many varieties...ahhh! Heels, flats, sandals, sneakers, boots and everything else in between.

So what has this got to do with MS???

I am lamenting the fact that my MS symptoms now dictate the shoe fashions I can wear...and I'm not particularly impressed!

It started with high heels...they were the first to go...too tricky to try and balance on a teeny tiny heel when your balance is slightly off.  Not a big deal...I'm 5'9" and my partner is 5'10", so I didn't wear a lot of stilettos, anyway.  I was still able to wear short kitten heels, so that was OK.

A few years later and the kitten heels were out. Balance issues now dictate flat footwear only and nothing with a platform...that's just a twisted ankle waiting to happen!

Now, thankfully, I work in a profession where I don't have to wear office attire...I'm a teacher...and I tend toward a classic casual style, so flat shoes work quite well for me.  I can wear sandals with dresses/skirts in the spring/summer and cute ballet flats or boots with dresses/skirts in the fall/winter...when I decide to actually wear said dresses or skirts...which doesn't happen often.

So for a while, I had a good collection of: flats (Mary Jane, ballet, loafers) sandals (and flip flops), sneakers, and boots (riding, UGGS, suede). Then both my feet went really numb so that if my footwear wasn't somehow secured to my feet they'd come flip flops went out the door! :((

Recently, I've been dragging my toes...more the right, but the left does it every once in a while too...I guess it doesn't want to feel left out! So now sandals should be out but they're still in my closet...on the off chance I'm having a better day and/or I'm willing to risk stubbed or scraped toe.

Unfortunately, the toe dragging also means the front of my footwear gets extra abuse.! My very stylish Pumas bit the dust when I ripped part of the sole off! And just this winter my brown leather riding boots started getting a tear in the sole as well!! Haven't been wearing my UGGS...can anyone walk properly in those?? And ballet flats?...don't go there!:((

So it seems that my current footwear fashion must meet the following criteria in order to be walk and wear worthy:
  1. flat (with a heel under 1" but preferably under 1/2")
  2. some kind of extra reinforcement in the toe area or a 'bumper' all around
  3. must be able to adjust (tighten) so that foot stays securely in footwear
  4. should give some support (both for the arch and side support?)
  5. must be stylish
  6. must be comfortable
Current footwear that meets above criteria:
Just bought these in white.  Notice the 'bumper' LOL

I have these in red as well.

Obligatory runners with extra protection at the toe.

Love, love, love these boots! Very versatile and stand up well to scuffing!          

These unfortunately don't meet all the criteria, but I keep them because I love them.  But you'll notice they don't really have any protection in the toe area, so I only wear these when I know I'll be walking on carpet as anything else would scuff the %$tt out of them!

Again, sandals don't really fit the criteria. See above comments for ballet flats.

Am currently crushing on some Frye riding trying to justify sending $400+ for a pair of boots.  :) ...they do meet the criteria!


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