This Weeble Wobbles

I feel a lot like a Weeble these days.

Anyone over 40 will know what I'm referring to...those egg-shaped toys from Hasbro that wobbled but didn't fall over.

I've been doing a lot of wobbling lately. Wobbling along with wall-walking...I'm beginning to not like 'W's".

Thankfully, like the Weebles, I'm managing to NOT fall over.  But I've had a few close call "timmbberr!" moments; and only through the sheer luck of having a wall, or a chair, or some hard surface, ...or my husband (thanks, hon!) close at hand to grab on to as I feel myself lose balance, has prevented me from actually going for a 'header'.

I've also swallowed my pride and now use my rollator whenever I go out and have to walk more than a few steps in the open. Actually, I've been doing this for about a year now.  Better a bruised ego than a bruised hip!

It's frustrating because I'm not sure WHY I'm so wobbly?? Well...I know WHY I'm wobbly, I guess I'm not sure what's CAUSING me to be wobbly? Is it the MS just progressing?, is it something I've eaten that has caused my feet/legs to become more numb and spastic? (which is what happens when I've eaten something I shouldn't!), is it a new supplement I'm introducing? (which has caused a Herxheimer reaction), is it because my bowels aren't moving as well as they should?(which also affects my feet/legs), is it the weather?, is it because I've been extra busy planning my Mum's surprise birthday party? (stress causes increasing numbness and spasticity, too!)

I'm thinking it's a combination of all those things. And, until I address all of them, I will continue to wobble...but hopefully not fall down!


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