Retroviruses and MS

 I came across this research paper which looks at the association of a specific retrovirus to a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) which seems to be prevalent in patients with onset symptoms of MS.    Another article looked at the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) which has long been linked with MS and researchers are now actively looking at treatments that boost immunity to EBV see article here.

 I found this quite interesting, as the protocol I am following specifically addresses viruses as one of the factors in chronic disease.  That SNiPs are potentially involved in susceptibility to these retroviruses is even more interesting.  When I read that, I immediately looked through the raw data of my 23andme genetic test...but disappointingly, the SNiP associated with the HERVfc1 virus was not part of the genes tested. :(  

Up until now, I hadn't really given much thought to retroviruses.  I knew about the possible link between EBV and MS but since I had never had mono, didn't think it was relevant to me!  Is it possible to have EBV and not have had symptoms?  I think a trip to the doctor to request testing might be in order?!

In any case, I am still working through getting Step One supplements in place, so addressing viruses is way down on the list.  It has been VERY SLOW going, as every supplement I add seems to provoke detox!  And those supplements aren't even the ones that usually provoke detox (apparently).

Dr. Amy wasn't joking when she said 'this is a marathon, not a sprint".


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