MTHFR Mutations & the Case for Genetic Testing

Last year I ran across a program aimed specifically for MS, called the Beat MS Program.  I briefly blogged about it (It's Been Awhile).  It's a great program and I'd probably still be doing it if it wasn't for one of the disease drivers that I identified as a result of this program: Improper Methylation Pathways & B12 Deficiency, and what I did with the information gleaned from addressing it.

Many people with MS cannot metabolize folate and B12 into the active forms required for the body, which can lead to elevated homocysteine levels (homocysteine is neurotoxic).  Long story, short...I had elevated homocysteine  levels on the last two lab tests I had done...despite using the recommended supplements.  Long story, even shorter...I got tested for the MTHFR gene mutation because this was implicated in efficient methylation.  MTHFR is the acronym for Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase.

To say I had discovered the tip of a HUGE iceberg, is an understatement!  I had the MTHFR mutation, specifically A1298C (+/-).  My naturopath suggested I take a look at this MTHFR site for further information on MTHFR.

Further research lead me to a Dr. Amy Yasko, who was using genetic testing to address autism in children.  Now, I know you're probably wondering why I would be mentioning a doctor who treats autism???...I thought the same first...until I started looking through her website and discovered that the protocol she uses to treat children on the autism spectrum originally was used to treat patients with neurological issues (Parkinson's, Alzheimers, CFS, Lyme, and, yes,...MS) HOLY SH*&T!!!

So, I decided to get my genes tested through 23andme, to see if I had any of the mutations involved in the Methylation Pathway, as described by Dr. Amy.  For $99 US, its a steal, and I think it should be a standard test that everyone takes.  The implications for preventing disease by understanding what your mutations are so you can work around them is staggering!  And all it requires is some spit in a tube.

I used the raw data from my genetic test to create a Methylation Profile (courtesy of Dr. Amy) that shows which SNP's (short for single nucleotide polymorphism...aka mutated genes) I had.  Let's just say, I had a lot! LOL And the implications of how those SNP's have affected how I utilize amino acids, how I use minerals, how I detox or don't detox, how I produce toxic by products and not enough of what my body needs??...It's no wonder I'm as screwed up as I am!

And so I embark on a new that is not quick, easy, or probably cheap. LOL  But as I read more about the Yasko protocol, the more I am convinced this program gets to the bottom of WHY and HOW my body is attacking itself,and how to possibly fix it...something that mainstream doctors can't seem to do and won't consider that it can be done!


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