MRI of the Spine...after 8 years?

I went for an MRI of my spinal cord yesterday.  Doctor wants to see if I have any lesions on my spine.  I believe she thinks that is the reason for the worsening of my symptoms related to my legs?  Got me thinking...why wouldn't the Doctor have done a spinal MRI when first diagnosed??

I'm hoping they don't find any lesions, which will really put the doctor in a tizzy because how is she going to explain away the worsening of my legs...if it isn't lesions???  That would mean possibly looking 'outside the box' of, maybe I HAVE CVI (chronic venous insufficiency)??

I go back to see the doctor in two weeks, so we shall see what the MRI shows.  In the meantime, I'm using my new "fitness walker" at school (helpful to say the least).  Not so much around my neighbourhood...but I need to ease into using it around home.

Oh, and I almost forgot!...getting my hand controls for my car installed today.  Car will be ready to pick up tomorrow!  Then I will be practicing, practicing, practicing....can't wait! :)


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