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Horse Chestnut for CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency)

While I'm waiting for the results of my spinal MRI, I thought I would look into alternative ways to treat CVI.  I haven't been tested for CVI...I had a request sent in for a Duplex Ultrasound by my GP, last September, but have not heard a peep from the hospital.  My GP did warn me that they might refuse to do the ultrasound because I wasn't showing typical signs of CVI...but I covered that in a previous post, so I'm just leaving it at that.

I do believe I have circulatory issues in my lower legs.  Although I don't have varicose veins, I do have spider veins and a definite swelling of the lower extremities by the end of the day, accompanied by very tight legs with some edema around the ankles...more so on the right leg than the left.  NOTE:  I did not have issues with swelling of my legs until about 4 years ago.  Both my massage therapist AND my acupuncturist have commented on the 'sluggishness' of blood flow in my legs.  I still suffer from cold feet...when…

MRI of the Spine...after 8 years?

I went for an MRI of my spinal cord yesterday.  Doctor wants to see if I have any lesions on my spine.  I believe she thinks that is the reason for the worsening of my symptoms related to my legs?  Got me thinking...why wouldn't the Doctor have done a spinal MRI when first diagnosed??

I'm hoping they don't find any lesions, which will really put the doctor in a tizzy because how is she going to explain away the worsening of my legs...if it isn't lesions???  That would mean possibly looking 'outside the box' of, maybe I HAVE CVI (chronic venous insufficiency)??

I go back to see the doctor in two weeks, so we shall see what the MRI shows.  In the meantime, I'm using my new "fitness walker" at school (helpful to say the least).  Not so much around my neighbourhood...but I need to ease into using it around home.

Oh, and I almost forgot!...getting my hand controls for my car installed today.  Car will be ready to pick up tomorrow!  Then I wi…

Introducing My 'Fitness Walker'!

I came home today from work to a FedEx new rollator which I am now referring to as my fitness walker! LOL  That's what Tracy at X-L-ENT Care calls them.  A bit pricey ($624) but a very nice looking, smooth gliding piece of equipment.  I suppose if I have to use one, it may as well look as 'snazzy' as possible. 

I'm going to take my dog, Tucker, for a walk tomorrow to test it out and make sure, he doesn't mind going for a walk with it either. :)