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Valentine's Day and Supportive Significant Others

Just wanted to share what an incredible husband I have, so thought since it was Valentine's Day, this would be a most appropriate day to do this.

If you've been following my blog, you will know that my ability to drive has been severely curbed which has resulted in my not being able to get to work.  I'm looking into getting hand controls for my car, but my hubby, Brad, is willing to transfer to another institution in the city I work (he works for Corrections) in order to make getting to work easier and less stressful for me. (I have a 50km commute).  Now, this may not seem like such a big deal, but I know that the institution he would have to transfer to, is at the bottom of his list of preferred places to work.   That he would be willing to do that for me, warms my heart. 

But Brad is like that.  He doesn't coddle me...far from it!...he won't let me give up!  But he is always there to give me a hand or arm when I need it, to go out of the way because I need to use…

I Miss Driving! and the Case for Assisted Mobility I really going there?!

I'm one really frustrated MSer right now! The worsening of my symptoms that has plagued me since mid-November doesn't seem to want to abate, which means I am STILL off work!   The 'not being able to drive' would probably have caused 'stir-craziness' for some people, but thankfully I'm a bit of a homebody so it hasn't made me totally crazy...yet! LOL

The thing that is really frustrating me, is that its just my legs (stiffness & numbness) that have worsened...everything else...bladder, fatigue.. have stayed the same, meaning that for the most part I "FEEL" darn legs just won't work as well as I need them too!

I HAVE been venturing out on short (3 block) drives in my car to see how it goes, but that's about all I really want to try.  I don't have any issues with stepping on the gas (come to think of it, I never did! LOL) It's the BRAKING that causes me so much anxiety...because my feet are so numb now, I have lost …