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New Year, New Goals

Well,  the New Year hasn't gotten off on the best foot...especially considering that it's the foot that is causing a lot of my present problems...still too numb and spastic to drive safely, which means I can't drive to work.  Not really enjoying this extended Christmas break.  However, seeing that it is a New Year... which means a fresh start, new goals, yada, yada, yada, I've decided I need to seriously look at physio.

Made an appointment with a local rehab/physio centre for assessment next week.  One day after I did that,  a blogger I follow ( My MS Journey) blogged about a special pilot physio program for MS patients who have undergone CCSVI in Sherbrooke, QC (?)  Unfortunately, the link was to a Radio Canada video clip in French.  But I did get the name of the director of the program - Rene McKay.  Will definitely be looking for more info about this program and will DEFINITELY be passing on this little tidbit to my own physio clinic. Surprising …