Post Christmas Update

We hosted Christmas dinner this year...for 12 guests.  The first time in my entire adult life I have had that many people in our little house at one time, let alone sitting down for dinner!  Thankfully, my mom was staying over to help.  Christmas Eve day was spent cleaning, organizing and prepping for Christmas Day.  Got up at 8am and basically was on the go until 7 pm when we sat down and watched one of my favourite musicals, The Sound of Music.  Surprisingly, I was not really tired, although my legs were protesting a bit. 

Had to get up at 7 the next morning to start the 20lb turkey that was almost too big for my oven. (definitely a bit tense in the kitchen) and then basically was on the go being the supreme hostess until everyone left at 8pm that night.  Dinner was a successful affair...yes!

Amazingly, I was feeling good and my legs did not feel any different than they usually do, despite the extra stress and activity I was subjecting them to.  Even after eating some forbidden foods (aka chocolate and Christmas cookies) I don't feel any worse?!

Could it be I am seeing some improvements in my symptoms? 


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