May-Thurner Syndrome

When I was speaking with the intake nurse from Vascular Access Center and relaying to her my MS symptoms, she asked me if I had ever been tested for May-Thurner Syndrome.  My reaction was pretty much the same as everyone else..."what is that?...never heard of it?"

According to Dr. McGuckin (surgeon at VAC) he is finding that 70% of the patients he treats for CCSVI have May-Thurner Syndrome. (go figure?!) Main symptoms are pain and swelling of the legs and is caused by the right iliac artery compressing the left iliac vein as it crosses over it. 

I find this fascinating, as again, we have a possible circulatory problem contributing to what we have always imagined was an MS symptom. 

Fortunately, Dr. McGuckin routinely checks for May-Thurner Syndrome when he checks for CCSVI.  Who knows, maybe I'm one of the 70%.  I will find out tomorrow!


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