Liberation procedure update I went in on the 15th of December to have the 'liberation procedure' done at the Vascular Access Center in Seattle.  Dr. McGuckin did not perform the procedure, rather his associate Dr. Kirsch, did.  Coincidentally, Dr. Kirsch is a friend of Dr. Vogel, who performed my initial 'liberation procedure' in Germany, last year.  It was interesting to listen to his comments about what Dr. Vogel did or did not do. :P

So, after thoroughly checking the renal, iliac, inferior vena cava, superiour vena cava, azygous and both jugular veins, they found I had 80% blockage in my left jugular close to a valve near the collarbone and 50% blockage in my right jugular, in pretty much the same spot.  Dr. Kirsch used a 14mm balloon to dilate both veins, successfully.  I'm curious as to what size balloon is used most often, as Dr. Vogel only used an 8mm balloon...and let me tell you...I felt the difference!

I was a bit disappointed that they didn't find any blockages in the iliac or renal veins, as I was convinced blockages in these veins might be what is contributing to the increasing numbness/spasticity/heaviness in my legs.

There hasn't been any real changes in my symptoms, except that my hands have been hot/very warm (which NEVER happens) and my feet have not been cold at all (something I have been dealing with for many years).  I imagine this is due to better circulation?!

I still think I may have issues with my leg veins and am still waiting for a duplex ultrasound. (this may take a while, as wait lists for certain diagnostics in our province can be quite lengthy).  In the meantime, I think I will go ahead and try the diosmin/hesperidin formula I got from my Naturopath to see if it might alleviate some of my leg issues.


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