Moving Forward

The past week has been an interesting one for me.  I attended the Global CCSVI conference that was held last Sunday/Monday and was able to listen and reflect on what a number of the presenters had to say regarding CCSVI.  A huge thank you to the volunteers from the National CCSVI organization for putting together such a fabulous event.  For me, it came at just the right time...I was feeling quite discouraged about my health, and this conference, along with what I've been doing with the acupuncture, has totally reinvigorated me to push forward!

I'm feeling as if there's been a shift in my thinking and that another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place for me.  Whatever it is, I welcome it and would like to share some possible connections/questions/comments I have been making this past week.
  • The TCM 'intervention' seems to be helping.  In the past week, my entire lower leg has actually stayed fairly warm to the touch, a thing unheard of the past few weeks, nay...months!  I have actually gone up to my husband and said "feel my legs, feel my legs"LOL .  My feet haven't been ice cold either.  That hasn't translated into any big changes in the stiffness/numbness of my feet, but I was able to drive around town and feel safe doing that's pretty good.
  • My acupuncturist/TCM doctor has me on some Chinese herbs to support my kidney and liver.  Last week she also added another herbal powder (Si Ni San) which is referred to as a frigid extremeties powder to help with the circulation of my blood.  I find it very interesting that the TCM doctor believes the worsening of my symptoms is due to poor circulation and connects it with my kidneys/liver Qi.  The reason I find this interesting is that the renal vein is now being checked during CCSVI procedures...which begs the question, Is there some connection between the renal vein and what the TCM doctor, my massage therapist AND my reflexologist are saying is poor circulation/flow/blockage in my legs?
  •  My CCSVI procedure only involved the IJV's...not sure about the Azygous and I know the renal, iliac, and interior/exterior cava were NOT checked.  This begs 2 questions: Do I have problems with the veins that haven't been checked (current data suggests that 70% of people with CCSVI have issues with the Azygous) and Have I possibly restenosed (current data suggests that 80% of patients restenose within 18 months)?
  • I think CCSVI is more tangible a condition than MS.  Therefore, I don't believe there is such a thing as MS.  MS is just a convenient label that neurologists have put on a wide variety of symptoms.  
  • Listening to Dr. Code and his struggles with diet, makes me feel a lot better about how I'm managing with my diet.  :)
So, where does this all lead to??  Well, it looks like I'm going to have to have my veins checked for CCSVI again.  I'm leaning towards Vascular Access Center of Seattle.  Dr. McGuckin was one of the presenters at the CCSVI conference and I liked what he had to say and his enthusiasm for this procedure.  If there is any one out there who has had Dr. McGuckin perform the procedure on them, I would love to hear your thoughts/comments.  In the meantime, I will continue to keep the status quo.


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