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The Bottom Line

I wanted to add this last bit to my previous post, as this is what I really believe is going on.
I truly believe the body can and does heal itself.  However, it can't do it very well when it also has to deal with things in the body that are wrong.  Until I correct what is wrong within my body, I will not see the kind of significant improvements I am hoping for.  Fix what is wrong, and then the body can devote all its energy and resources to healing the damage that's been done.The bottom line is:   Have the CCSVI procedure to fix the vein issues so that the body can then utilize everything I'm already doing (diet, supplements, acupuncture, physio, massage, etc) to heal the damage!

Moving Forward

The past week has been an interesting one for me.  I attended the Global CCSVI conference that was held last Sunday/Monday and was able to listen and reflect on what a number of the presenters had to say regarding CCSVI.  A huge thank you to the volunteers from the National CCSVI organization for putting together such a fabulous event.  For me, it came at just the right time...I was feeling quite discouraged about my health, and this conference, along with what I've been doing with the acupuncture, has totally reinvigorated me to push forward!

I'm feeling as if there's been a shift in my thinking and that another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place for me.  Whatever it is, I welcome it and would like to share some possible connections/questions/comments I have been making this past week.
The TCM 'intervention' seems to be helping.  In the past week, my entire lower leg has actually stayed fairly warm to the touch, a thing unheard of the past few weeks, nay...…


I've really been re-evaluating these past few days what I'm doing as far as diet and supplements go.  Not being able to drive, or at least not being able to drive safely, has scared the 'bejeebers' out of me because not being able to drive has so many implications.  Foremost is not being able to drive to work (I have a 50km commute) and just the lack of the sense of freedom that driving brings just leaves me feeling scared.

So, I've been doing a lot of re-reading of books that have been helpful to me in the past and looking at health articles on the web.  One thing I wanted to share was Dr. Andrew Weil's "Seven Strategies of Successful Patients" from his book, Spontaneous Healing.  In it, he identifies 7 common strategies that patients who experienced spontaneous healing used.  They are:
Do Not Take "No" For An answerActively Search for HelpSeek Out Others Who Have Been HealedForm Constructive Partnerships with Health ProfessionalsD…

TCM Intervention

I was feeling really frustrated this past week, as I was beginning to think that I may be having a relapse?  Haven't had one since the CCSVI procedure, don't really want to believe that's what it is...but the evidence seemed to be pointing in that direction...right time of year, sudden worsening of numbness in feet/legs, very cold extremeties, and increased spasticity in my legs which has made it very scary to drive at the moment and has me wall walking/wall bouncing a lot of the time!  Aargh!! :(

I went to my scheduled Acupuncture appointment yesterday, hoping that I would find some relief/help.  Now, I've been seeing Vanessa regularly for about five months now, mostly for Acupuncture, but we've been introducing Chinese herbal remedies into my 'healing regime' the past couple of months.  Yesterday, when I told her I suspected that I might be having a relapse and gave her my reasons why I thought that, she immediately went into what I now refer…