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Just Call Me the Bionic Woman

I finally made an appointment to see my only took me 8 months after my angioplasty to do it.  I was hoping that I would see some improvement in my walking, but unfortunately, that isn't happening...yet.  So I've been reluctant to go to the physio clinic because the improvements aren't very visible.  I know that's a really silly reason NOT to go...and in retrospect, I should have gone immediately after the angio, but hindsight is 20/20!

Funny thing is, when I came through the doors of the clinic, Heather (my physiotherapist) thought I was walking a bit better?? News to me...but then again, I've had other people comment on my walking??  Maybe I'M being too critical??  Maybe they're seeing something I'm not?!

Anyways, I have a new plan.  I've been doing the diet/supplement and complementary therapy piece for a while now and am comfortable with I'm adding the physio/fitness piece.  Really, it's long overdue and I m…