Yesterday, our school district had their annual Pro-D day.  When I signed up for the Yoga for Kids workshop I was feeling pretty good.  Unfortunately, the past week (OK, maybe the past 3 weeks) I have not been feeling up to 'snuff', especially my legs...number, stiffer, weaker...:(

I convinced myself that this would be good for me.  Isn't Yoga supposed to be good for us MSer's??  My real concern was the balance part because with the increased numbness my balance has been more 'off' than 'on'.  Well the room had a ballet bar and I made a point of letting the instructor know I had balance issues. (I wasn't in the mood to tell her I had MS...just yet)  The problem with having to position myself near the ballet bar was that it was in the front of the class and had a full length mirror along the wall.  So not only could everyone see me...I could see everyone being able to see me! Greeaatt :(

I actually did pretty good.  Yes, there were some poses I couldn't do...the ones where you have to balance on one foot?...pretty much a lost cause...although I did try! What gave me cause for concern was when the instructor, about a third of the way through the class, informed us that we should expect to feel some discomfort the next day, but NOT pain.  That's when I started to think this may not have been the best workshop for me to go to, especially because I had to work the next day.  And if 'normal' people' will feel discomfort, what am I going to feel????

Well...right after the session, I was physically tired.  I ended up leaving early because I wasn't feeling so great and I had to drive about 40 min. to get home.  I convinced myself that this is normal...I just did a workout, albeit Yoga.  At home, I acknowledge that I am definitely more tired and achy than normal...As the evening progresses, I convince myself that a soak in the tub may be in order.  This of course, makes me more tired, so I decide to retire to the 7:30pm!  Which is not that unreasonable of a bedtime, if you take into consideration that I get up between 5 and 5:30am and need about 9 hours of sleep to feel right. 

Around 1:30 AM, I am forced to hobble down the stairs to the kitchen where the ibuprofen is (really should have that stuff upstairs) because the stabbing pain in my hips, ankles, and shoulders just won't go away!  I swallow the last ibuprofen and hobble back up the stairs, crawl into bed and hope that the ibuprofen works quickly...which it does...for about 3 hours, at which time I now fully acknowledge that I overdid it with the Yoga and probably will not be able to work today! (Crap!) As punishment, I refuse to hobble down the stairs to get the Tylenol (having used up the ibuprofen) and endure the stabbing pain until the alarm goes off at which time I hobble down the stairs to grab a Tylenol, email for a TOC (teacher-on-call) and feed the dog.

The stabbing pains have now subsided, but the dull achy pain remains.  A reminder that I am not able to  do the things I could do, the way I did them, at the intensity I did...5 years ago.  Even if it's JUST Yoga! 

Will I try Yoga again?...probably.  Will I take it easy?...we'll have to wait and see...old habits die hard! LOL


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