Post Liberation Day 2 and 3

Day 2

We are leaving today for Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  I don't feel any different than I did yesterday, but was surprised that the 3 glasses of red wine I drank last night did not have my legs doing their 'spasm dance', which is what usually happens when I consume something with sugar in it...bonus!

Walking the 500m or so from the hotel to the train station was MUCH, MUCH  easier today then it was when we arrived...and I walked it without feeling like I needed to hold onto Brad's arm.  We had 2 1/2 hours to spare, so we decided to walk around the station for 1/2 hour  before we stopped to have lunch.  I wanted to make sure that the track the train was arriving on was the same, so we watched the big timetable board for about an hour!!....standing, until our train popped up.  By this time, I'm beginning to think this is not placebo effect OR my iron will that I am able to be this mobile without feeling tired in the legs?  Brad also comments that I seem to be walking smoother...taking longer strides.  "You're not just saying that, right?", I ask.

Train arrives, we embark and get to relax in first class until we arrive in Munchen where we get a connecting train to Garmisch.  Now it gets interesting because the train arrives on Track 11 and we have 15 minutes to get to Track 28 and we are on the last car.  We have to 'hoof it' to make our connecting train.  I am aware of this and start to "hoof it".  Now, I have not been able to do this for the past year - year and a half...but to my utter delight, not only am I able to speed walk, I'm actually in front of Brad and he has to catch up to me.  Granted he's pulling the carry on, but I'm carrying my laptop bag.  Halfway there, I start slowing down as my legs begin to tire a bit and I don't want to stumble.  Brad passes me and now I have to try to keep up with him!...darn!! I was so hoping to lead the entire way!

Thoroughly impressed with my performance, I try to get my breathing back to normal, as that was probably the most cardio I have done in a few years! As we settle down for the final leg of our return trip, I think about what my family's reaction in Garmisch will be when they see me?  I had secretly hoped for a more dramatic improvement, but I think I look and move exactly as I did before, with maybe more energy.  Brad reassures me that he notices the different, but he's supposed to say those kinds of things, right?!

My brother picks us up at the station and asks how things went.  "OK", I sheepishly reply and quickly begin to head for the car.  "Hey, you're walking better" he says, as he follows me out the door.  Beaming (because this is what I needed to hear) I plant myself in the back seat, feeling much better about facing the family...because if Brad and Pete can see the difference in my walking, then others can too!

We arrive home to hugs and "how are you's" and I spend the next hour replaying everything that happened in Frankfurt.  I'm getting tired and so is Brad, so off to bed we go.

Day 3

Brad took the train in to Munich with Pete, Tony, and Cherie to visit the Deutsches Museum.  I am listening to my body (for a change) and have decided to take it easy today.  Plus, I've already seen the museum, so it's not like I'll be missing something. 

So, after 3 days here's where I am at as far as symptoms go:

  1. Fatigue - no change, except when it comes to leg fatigue...I seem to be able to walk farther before my legs start getting tired and weak
  2. Legs are still stiff and numb but maybe slightly less stiff?? Not sure
  3. Bladder - Not sure about this one because with travelling and being out and about, I haven't been drinking as much as I normally would...but last night, I did not have to get up once during the night!
  4. Numbness - the only change I have noticed is that my hands are not as this due to slightly less numbness...not sure?? But, like Sandra, I am hoping to be able to touch type with all ten fingers> LOL
  5. Hands/Feet remain warm when they should be.  That's a change, as my hands were always on the cold side
  6. Had some spasms in my foot then first day, but nothing since, even when I have eaten questionable foods.  Will be monitoring this one closely.
  7. Balance - no real difference
I tried to do the heel to toe walk but still felt like I was on a tight rope...only difference was that the movement was not as jerky.

**I took my bandage off where the incision was made...couldn't find where the incision was!?!?...just a small dot of blood??  will get Brad to take a look **


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