Post Liberation Day 1

 My apologies that my posts have not appeared in a timely manner...finding wireless (or wired) internet has not been easy!

It's now the first day since my procedure.  The headache I had from the angioplasty subsided a few hours after the procedure, but the base of my skull/top of my neck is a bit sore.  I really don't feel any different although Brad says that my hands and legs don't feel like they are stuffed with cotton balls.  Apparently, I felt a bit like a mannequin?...who knew!?!

I did attempt to do the "walk a straight line" test and I thought I was able to do it a bit better...not as jerky, but still losing my balance.

Today, we are planning to use the tram to see as much of Frankfurt as we can.  An all day pass for two cost 9.50 euros.  We decided to revisit the "Altstadt" which is the old part of town...typical Tudor style buildings surrounding a large cobblestoned plaza with a number of old churches scattered about.  Although my legs were as stiff as they normally are, I was able to walk around the square for 1/2 hr. without too much difficult. (Normally, I am able to walk 500m before I feel my legs getting wobbly)  Brad also thought my walk was a lot smoother and when I thought about it, I realized my stride was a bit had been getting shorter over the past 6 months as I was not as confident about my walk.

After having lunch, we decided to walk the 3 blocks to the old Jewish cemetary.  I had wanted to visit Dachau because I have an interest in the Holocaust (having taught about it for the past 3 years as a unit for my gr 6/7 classes) and it didn't look like we would make it to Dachau, so this was a compromise.  No problems walking...I did hang on to Brad's arm as my balance is still off and the sidewalk was narrow.

We hopped on the tram to take us to the Frankfurt zoo, where we spent the rest of the afternoon.  Now normally I would be 'petering' out by now and my legs would have already been wobbling...but today, I was still pretty good.

I did have to sit down throughout the afternoon for short (5 min) breaks but I was quite pleased with the fact that I was able to see the entire park on foot...something that I did not think would be possible 2 days ago!  Is this placebo effect and am I willing myself to walk further than I should??


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