Keeping the Faith

It has been exactly one week since I had my balloon angioplasty and I have been a bit reluctant to post this blog because it isn't full of all the wondrous improvements I'd like to report.  But since I'm doing this as an accounting of everything (good and bad) .......

I'm afraid I may have done something that I shouldn't have.  On Sunday I took a gondola to the top of the Zugspitze (tallest mountain in Germany at 2622m).  I knew this was not a good idea as soon as I felt the pressure in my ears increase as we ascended the peak.  I didn't feel too bad while we were walking around on the top of the mountain, but as we were preparing to take another gondola ride down, the left side of my neck started to feel funny and I was having some difficulty breathing.   This scared me!  What if the change in pressure caused my newly opened vein to close up again???  Needless to say I was not a happy camper the rest of the day....actually I have worried about it ever since! 

There have been no improvements since and I would say that I have backslid a bit.  Am I just imagining that because of the gondola ride??? All I know is that I will now always be wondering if I've done something to my veins, and I'm trying to come to terms with that. 

As much as I enjoy being in Germany, I am ready to come home, where I won't have to face the gastronomical challenges that have plagued me and I can go back to my familiar routine.  OK, I also really, really miss my dog, Tucker!

I truly hope that once I am back at home and can concentrate on doing everything I need to do to help myself heal, that I will see improvements in my symptoms.  I need to stay positive.


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