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Balancing Act

Well, it's been 2 weeks since my liberation procedure and I don't feel that much different, although I am noticing some subtle changes, especially in my balance.  What's weird about my balance is that I seem to be more inclined to be off-balance than before?? but I also seem to be better able to balance myself when I try.  I know, it sounds a bit confusing...I'll try to explain...

When I am walking around the house, I seem to be more off balance.  Now... is that because I am walking more quickly, or because I seem to be taking longer, smoother strides than before and this somehow tests my balance more??  At any rate, I seem to be catching myself a bit more often.   The strange thing is, that when I do catch myself losing my balance, if I try, I can hold the balance better!?  For example...I was turning from the sink in the washroom to go out the door, and as I was turning, I noticed that I was starting to tilt a bit as I stepped forward.  As I teetered on one foot, I m…

Keeping the Faith

It has been exactly one week since I had my balloon angioplasty and I have been a bit reluctant to post this blog because it isn't full of all the wondrous improvements I'd like to report.  But since I'm doing this as an accounting of everything (good and bad) .......

I'm afraid I may have done something that I shouldn't have.  On Sunday I took a gondola to the top of the Zugspitze (tallest mountain in Germany at 2622m).  I knew this was not a good idea as soon as I felt the pressure in my ears increase as we ascended the peak.  I didn't feel too bad while we were walking around on the top of the mountain, but as we were preparing to take another gondola ride down, the left side of my neck started to feel funny and I was having some difficulty breathing.   This scared me!  What if the change in pressure caused my newly opened vein to close up again???  Needless to say I was not a happy camper the rest of the day....actually I have worried about it ever since! 

Post Liberation Day 2 and 3

Day 2

We are leaving today for Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  I don't feel any different than I did yesterday, but was surprised that the 3 glasses of red wine I drank last night did not have my legs doing their 'spasm dance', which is what usually happens when I consume something with sugar in it...bonus!

Walking the 500m or so from the hotel to the train station was MUCH, MUCH  easier today then it was when we arrived...and I walked it without feeling like I needed to hold onto Brad's arm.  We had 2 1/2 hours to spare, so we decided to walk around the station for 1/2 hour  before we stopped to have lunch.  I wanted to make sure that the track the train was arriving on was the same, so we watched the big timetable board for about an hour!!....standing, until our train popped up.  By this time, I'm beginning to think this is not placebo effect OR my iron will that I am able to be this mobile without feeling tired in the legs?  Brad also comments that I seem to be walking…

Post Liberation Day 1

My apologies that my posts have not appeared in a timely manner...finding wireless (or wired) internet has not been easy!

It's now the first day since my procedure.  The headache I had from the angioplasty subsided a few hours after the procedure, but the base of my skull/top of my neck is a bit sore.  I really don't feel any different although Brad says that my hands and legs don't feel like they are stuffed with cotton balls.  Apparently, I felt a bit like a mannequin?...who knew!?!

I did attempt to do the "walk a straight line" test and I thought I was able to do it a bit better...not as jerky, but still losing my balance.

Today, we are planning to use the tram to see as much of Frankfurt as we can.  An all day pass for two cost 9.50 euros.  We decided to revisit the "Altstadt" which is the old part of town...typical Tudor style buildings surrounding a large cobblestoned plaza with a number of old churches scattered about.  Although my legs were as…

Liberation Day

It's 8:15 am and I am trying to calm the butterflies that threaten to overtake my stomache.  My procedure was scheduled for 8:00 am and I really need to pee, but I'm afraid that the nurse will call me while I'm in the toilette, so I try not to think about my bladder OR the butterflies.

Aside from having my wisdom teeth removed (which required a hospital visit) I have never been on the receiving end of surgery, so had no idea what to expect.  I had read that Dr. Vogl didn't use anesthetic..."but that's a little  masochistic, isn't it?" I ask Brad, who tries to calm me down by saying that the scalpel he probably uses is so sharp I would hardly even feel it and besides...the incision is probably just a cm or two long. "So it probably feels like getting a paper cut???" I ask. "Yeah...a paper cut".  Yeah...right!?  I'm thinking he's just trying to keep me from freaking out, but I don't have time to ponder the paper cut theor…

D Day...aka Diagnostic Day

I have never been so happy to discover that there is something wrong with me!  I have CCSVI!! How did I get to this wondrous conclusion??  Here's what happened:

Sunday (yesterday) Brad and I took the train from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Frankfurt.  We rode first class from Munich to Frankfurt in a compartment we had all to ourselves.  I think I am hooked on train's a very comfortable and relaxing way to get from city to city.
We arrived in Frankfurt in the afternoon and then proceeded to walk the approximately 500m to our hotel...which is 2 blocks from the Red Light District, but I didn't know that when I booked it.  I decided not to bring my 'transporter' because I didn't think I would be walking long distances but I was struggling by the time we got to the hotel (partially due to the fact that I had eaten trail mix (raisins have too much sugar, ergo bad for Monica) so spent the rest of the evening in a prone position on the bed.  I had an apple for…