Leaving on a jet plane

“Well my bags are packed I’m ready to go...” and so the song goes— but unlike the song,  I’m looking forward to getting on that plane because  I love flying.  I don’t fly often, which is probably why the novelty hasn’t worn off yet.  For those of you who weren’t aware, I left today on what I like to think of as Part 2 of my road to liberation.

The butterflies began as we drove over the Alex Fraser Bridge and I caught the first glimpse of a plane landing.  Finally, I was going to be the one leaving on a plane rather than the person saying, “Have a great trip!”

We went through security without a hitch and without a line up (imagine that?!) although the security person was rather grumpy L  Would it have hurt him to smile?

And then fortune smiled down upon me in the persona of Tina, our check in clerk, who asked if she could give us a lift to the gate in her golf cart “thingy”.  Actually, fortune smiled on me even before that, because, even though I was 300 g over the weight limit, I didn’t have to pay extra...pheww!  Tina must have realized I had some sort of mobility issue, since one of my checked baggage items was a ‘transporter’ (I refuse to call it a wheelchair...yes, I have some issues over the fact that I even have to consider spending some time in one, but that’s a whole ‘nother story”).

Anyways, so off we go, bombing down towards Gate 71 and I’m thinking, “it’s a pretty long way to Gate 71...thank goodness I don’t have to walk there!”

Fortune kept smiling on me for the entire flight...I was served meals before anyone else (courtesy of my special meal request) and I would have to say my meals were slightly better...which irked my brother, who was flying with me...Brad not being able to come for two more weeks.  We got the seats nearest the exit doors AND the toilette, which meant more leg room and convenient access when nature called.  All in all it was a good flight despite the length (13 hours).  But being up for over 30 hours is not a good idea, so off to bed I must go and hope the jet lag doesn’t appear. As they say in Bavaria, “Tschüss”. (good-bye).


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