I love to go a wandering...

We went for a 'rund fahrt' yesterday, which in English means 'round trip'.  My first question was, "Are we going to be doing any walking?"  Yes.  My second question was, "How far?"  Oh...not too far.  "So, I won't need my transporter?..." No, its not too far.  So I leave the transporter behind and off we go.  This is a pic of a nature park in the Karwendel Mountain range which borders Austria and Germany.  This very nice, fairly level path winds up to some, what look like in the distance, very small buildings.  and I'm thinking to myself..."this is a lot farther than I am usually used to walking...like about two or three times as far".  My mother thinks so too and we jokingly comment that Peter, my brother, can piggy back me if I get too tired.  But I'm game, thinking if I have to limp and struggle some of the way I can do it...and yeah, Pete can piggy back me if I really need too.  So off we go...and I'm feeling pretty good...legs aren't too stiff, gait is pretty smooth.  Hey, I think I can do this!!  By the time we get to the houses which are of course much bigger close up, I'm thinking "I have GOT to sit down, and how in the hell am I going to make it back?!" 

It's lunch time, so we decide to stop and have a bite to eat at the restaurant there.  I actually found a few things on the menu I could eat and the food was tasty.  By the time we were ready to head back, I felt pretty good and actually found it NOT to be a struggle to make it back to the car (which I thought it might be).  I did snooze on the way back...but that could have been the beer I had for lunch!

I surprised myself that day because I did better than I thought I would.  Maybe I won't need to use the 'transporter' as much as I thought I would.? :)


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