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Gastronomical Challenges

For those of you who follow one of the MS diets:  Best Bet, Swank, Recovery diet, or any version of these, you will understand where today's blog is coming from.  For those of you who can basically eat what you want...I cannot repeat what I am thinking!

I have been following for the past 3 years, what many would consider, a restrictive diet.  Basically I do not eat any foods containing: gluten, dairy, eggs, corn or soy, limit my sugar intake to almost nil, and keep my saturated fat intake to under 15g/day.  Oh, and I try to eliminate yeast, which up until now, hasn't been that difficult, but as you will discover, is causing me some 'issues'.

And for the most part, I have been very good at staying 'on the wagon', but I would be lying if I said I never fell off...occasionally.  I have the occasional bite or sip of forbidden food...and I usually end up paying for it in the form of worsening symptoms the following day. here I am in Germany...and the south…

PreAssessment Physio Videos

My physiotherapist just emailed me the videos she took during my pre op assessment.  Here they are:

I didn't think I did too bad with the reaching, but apparently I stick my bum out way too much, and then bow my legs.  This is not how you're supposed to do it. LOL

Random Observations

Well, we've been in Germany for almost a week (hard to believe) so I thought I would share some observations I have made about how things are done here. 

Handicap accessibility is severely least in the area I am in...Bavaria.  The one time I used my 'transporter' I had to get out and park it to get into many of the stores and don't get me started on curbs!  Thankfully, I have not needed to use it since then, but they are a bit behind when it comes to accessibility.

Public washrooms are have to pay to use them!  Anywhere from 50¢ to 70¢.  If you are a patron at a restaurant or cafe you don't have to pay but many of the mountain 'gäst hofs' expect you to pay...I say buy a beer and be done with it.  The toilets themselves are interesting.  The last one I used (n Austria along the Autobahn) disinfected the toilet seat at the push of a button (this piece comes from the back and then the seat rotates around so that the piece thingy …

I love to go a wandering...

We went for a 'rund fahrt' yesterday, which in English means 'round trip'.  My first question was, "Are we going to be doing any walking?"  Yes.  My second question was, "How far?"  Oh...not too far.  "So, I won't need my transporter?..." No, its not too far.  So I leave the transporter behind and off we go.  This is a pic of a nature park in the Karwendel Mountain range which borders Austria and Germany.  This very nice, fairly level path winds up to some, what look like in the distance, very small buildings.  and I'm thinking to myself..."this is a lot farther than I am usually used to about two or three times as far".  My mother thinks so too and we jokingly comment that Peter, my brother, can piggy back me if I get too tired.  But I'm game, thinking if I have to limp and struggle some of the way I can do it...and yeah, Pete can piggy back me if I really need too.  So off we go...and I'm feeling…

Leaving on a jet plane

“Well my bags are packed I’m ready to go...” and so the song goes— but unlike the song,I’m looking forward to getting on that plane becauseI love flying.I don’t fly often, which is probably why the novelty hasn’t worn off yet.For those of you who weren’t aware, I left today on what I like to think of as Part 2 of my road to liberation.
The butterflies began as we drove over the Alex Fraser Bridge and I caught the first glimpse of a plane landing.Finally, I was going to be the one leaving on a plane rather than the person saying, “Have a great trip!”
We went through security without a hitch and without a line up (imagine that?!) although the security person was rather grumpy LWould it have hurt him to smile?
And then fortune smiled down upon me in the persona of Tina, our check in clerk, who asked if she could give us a lift to the gate in her golf cart “thingy”.Actually, fortune smiled on me even before that, because, even though I was 300 g over the weight limit, I didn’t have to pay e…

Physio Pre-Op Assessment

Yesterday, I met with my Physiotherapist, who actually specializes in neurological disorders, to get a pre-op assessment of my mobility and balance.  It was a very enjoyable hour long appointment, as she was quite aware of CCSVI... having actually heard Dr. Zamboni speak at the American Association of Neurologists convention in Toronto!!!! How cool is that?!?! Anyways, the good news is I scored quite high on the assessment test (which is called something like 'Berg')...Wouldn't you know it...I forgot to ask for a copy of the report.  Oh well, no worries...will be seeing her again near the end of August for Post-Op.  OK, so I scored high but if you just look at the number (which was like 49/56) it doesn't really give you a clear picture of where I am at, because, although I was able to perform the tests fairly well, I lacked "fluidity". This lack of 'fluidity' stems from a severely decreased sense of propioception - basically, my feet and legs are so n…