The "Natur"opath of Things

Ok, so I had my appointment with my Naturopath, who just came back from Mat Leave and had no idea what I was up to (as far as CCSVI goes).  She was extremely intrigued by the entire CCSVI theory and totally supports my decision to seek treatment.  My reason for seeing her now, is to establish some sort of wholistic support for my vascular system before I embark on my liberation treatment (fingers crossed) in August.  My reasoning, as I explained it to her, was that I wanted to make my veins as strong/flexible? as possible so as to possibly avoid any restenoses..."was this possible?", I asked her.  First, she was very impressed that I was being so proactive and secondly, she would get back to me, as she did not want to suggest anything right then until she researched this CCSVI more thoroughly.  Imagine that, a doctor, albeit a Naturopath, who wants to find out more about a 'novel' theory!

So I have an appointment next week to discuss what her ideas are.  We are also going to look at hair analysis to see how much iron I have in my body, as I would like to address this after I get back from Germany.  She also thinks it would be a good idea to get complete blood work up (ie. check vit/mineral levels, especially Vit D and B12.)

On a side note, she was surprised at how much worse my gait was since the last time she saw me (which was a year ago).  Another reason for going ahead with treatment!


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